Monday, July 30, 2012

Peripheral Neuropathy – Signs and Symptoms

Peripheral Neuropathy can be such an annoying condition. This is because it means damage to your nerves, which is why it is also often called as nerve damage. This condition can be caused by various factors and diseases, but no matter what the cause of your neuropathy is, you don’t want to continue living with this condition.

Before trying to treat neuropathy, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of this condition. How will you know if the presence of neuropathy is at hand? Remember, neuropathy is damage to your nerves and your nerves are the connectors of your brain and other parts of the body. When damage to these nerves occurs, signs and symptoms will arise.

If you have peripheral neuropathy, the most common symptom you can experience is the tingling sensation in some parts of your body such as the foot, hands, etc. Pain in the affected area is also another symptom of neuropathy. But aside from these minor signs and symptoms, you are also likely to experience more severe symptoms such as muscle weakness, numbness, loss of coordination, and muscle paralysis. If you are a victim of neuropathy, you are also at a high risk for other diseases and infections.

At the first signs of these symptoms, you must start listening to your body already especially if you have never felt that pain, tingling and numbness before. They may signal you that something more serious is happening to your body.

Remember, if these symptoms persist, especially numbness and muscle paralysis, they could greatly affect your life. They could affect your daily activities, your work, your relationships, and a lot more. Learning more about the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may help you combat this condition and prevent further problems and more serious conditions from occurring.

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  1. Neuropathy in feet is a disease that is never experienced by our ancestors because it is the result of improper diet, unhealthy exercise habit and chemicals that we intake through foods which many of us are still ignorant with.