Friday, August 10, 2012

Things you Need to Know about Peripheral Neuropathy

Aside from the knowing the definition of peripheral neuropathy and knowing that it is a condition referring to nerve damage, there are also other important things you need to know about this condition. Knowing that there is such a thing as neuropathy is not enough if you still lack some essential information you need to know to better understand this condition.

The first thing you need to know about neuropathy is that it comes with different types. And these types are usually categorized according to their causes. For example, there is the so-called diabetic neuropathy and it is given its name because it is the type of neuropathy that’s caused by diabetes and mostly experienced by diabetics. Other types of peripheral neuropathy are hereditary neuropathy due to hereditary diseases like charcot-marie tooth disease; toxic neuropathy due to alcohol and toxins in your body; inflammatory neuropathy, and compression neuropathy due to carpal tunnel syndrome, tumor, etc.

Another thing to know about neuropathy is that it has ill effects to one’s life not only because of the annoying symptoms but also because of how it could affect your daily activities. In other words, neuropathy can disrupt the normal life you are currently living.

Third, anybody can be a victim of neuropathy. This condition does not choose its victims according to age or according to their body type, appearance, etc. Whether you are in your teens, adulthood or a part of the older generation, you can be a victim of peripheral neuropathy. You cannot say that because you are younger, you are less likely to experience this condition. The truth is no matter what age group you belong to if you are abusing your body through unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet; you can experience neuropathy because you will be attacked by diseases that can cause this condition.

However, the next thing to know about neuropathy is a positive thing. This is the fact that there are already various treatments for this condition. This means that it can be treated already. Treatments may vary from medications, therapies, natural and home remedies. At the first signs of this condition, you can take in medications that could relieve your from the symptoms. There are over the counter medications but you can also consult your doctor and ask for prescription medications that could effectively treat peripheral neuropathy.

And last, but not the least, you must also understand that an ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. In other words, it is better to prevent neuropathy from coming into your life than trying to cure it. If you wait for this condition to occur in your life, you will have to deal with its annoying symptoms, you will have to visit your doctor, and you will have to spend for treatments especially if the condition worsened already.

But through preventive measures like a healthy diet, lifestyle and avoiding diseases, you don’t have to deal with the symptoms, the effects and you don’t have to spend for peripheral neuropathy treatments anymore. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Peripheral Neuropathy – Signs and Symptoms

Peripheral Neuropathy can be such an annoying condition. This is because it means damage to your nerves, which is why it is also often called as nerve damage. This condition can be caused by various factors and diseases, but no matter what the cause of your neuropathy is, you don’t want to continue living with this condition.

Before trying to treat neuropathy, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of this condition. How will you know if the presence of neuropathy is at hand? Remember, neuropathy is damage to your nerves and your nerves are the connectors of your brain and other parts of the body. When damage to these nerves occurs, signs and symptoms will arise.

If you have peripheral neuropathy, the most common symptom you can experience is the tingling sensation in some parts of your body such as the foot, hands, etc. Pain in the affected area is also another symptom of neuropathy. But aside from these minor signs and symptoms, you are also likely to experience more severe symptoms such as muscle weakness, numbness, loss of coordination, and muscle paralysis. If you are a victim of neuropathy, you are also at a high risk for other diseases and infections.

At the first signs of these symptoms, you must start listening to your body already especially if you have never felt that pain, tingling and numbness before. They may signal you that something more serious is happening to your body.

Remember, if these symptoms persist, especially numbness and muscle paralysis, they could greatly affect your life. They could affect your daily activities, your work, your relationships, and a lot more. Learning more about the signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may help you combat this condition and prevent further problems and more serious conditions from occurring.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Neuropathy Treatments – How to Spot the Best Medication

There are numerous neuropathy treatments in the form of drugs available in the market already. But, for your information, not all of these medications are the best medications you need for the treatment of neuropathy. Take a look into several important factors to be able to spot the best neuropathy medication in the market.

  • Prescribed by doctors. The best medication for neuropathy is one that is prescribed and recommended by most doctors. Doctors know all about neuropathy and the medications used to treat it, which is why it is easier to trust neuropathy drugs prescribed by these professionals.
Why are medications prescribed by doctors considered the best? This is because you have the assurance that it is the right treatment for you since doctors know what is right. Your health is their expertise and compared to you, they know better when it comes to the right medication.

Medications prescribed by doctors are the best because they have lesser and milder side effects. Remember when it comes to neuropathy medications, side effects are likely to occur and some of these effects are really life-threatening.

But if that certain medication is prescribed by the doctor, you can be assured that they have chosen the medication they know your body can handle.

  • Effective. The best medication for neuropathy is one that is effective not only when it comes to relieving the symptoms you are experiencing, but also when it comes to completely treating neuropathy and its effects.
If you happen to buy neuropathy treatments that are not effective, you could waste a lot of money since you are buying something that doesn’t work. You could also waste your time taking these ineffective medications. You take them because you are thinking they would do wonders to your body and treat neuropathy, but you are actually just wasting your time because the drug is ineffective.

Most of all, ineffective medications can endanger your heath because instead of treating your neuropathy, they are just stuffing your body with active chemicals that may cause harm to your health and even make way for the rise of new diseases.

  • Positive customer reviews. Aside from being highly recommended by doctors, the best neuropathy treatments in the form of drugs is also one that garners mostly positive reviews from the people who have tried using it already.
You can find these reviews online as well as by asking people you knew who experienced neuropathy already and has been cured through that certain medication. Checking reviews about the medication can give you an idea about what to expect from that medication according to the users.

Sometimes even if there are doctors to assure us that a certain medication is safe, we still seek to find comfort from other people who have been in our condition. After all, it’s different when you have actually experienced how a drug works. You can also use the reviews to your doctor if you are having doubts about a certain drug they have prescribed.

  • Good value for your money. The best neuropathy treatments are also those that can truly provide good value for your money or is worth paying for. Not all neuropathy drugs are good value for your money. How will you know if it is good value for your money?
Do not rely on the price alone. Some people rely on the price and it may be wise, but price alone cannot assure you will be getting what you are paying for. The best medications for neuropathy are not always the cheaper ones or the expensive ones. They are the ones prescribed by the doctor, effective, and have lesser side effects, which mean that it is safe to take.

Once you find out you have chosen that kind of medication, the price will no longer matter to you because you are assured it could treat your condition successfully and you know that you are paying for something worth it.

Looking for neuropathy treatments through medications is not that easy. Remember, these medications contain active ingredients and failure to choose what is right for you could lead to more serious problems aside from neuropathy. Therefore, your search for the best neuropathy medication should always be done with caution, so as not to waste money, time and avoid putting your health in grave danger. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Popular Types of Neuropathy Treatments

Neuropathy is a condition that could greatly affect your life. It could hinder you from doing your daily activities; affect your work and even your relationships. With this, once you experience the signs and symptoms of neuropathy, it is just right to seek for varied neuropathy treatments that could totally free you from this annoying condition.

Here are some of the common and popular types of treatments for neuropathy.

Oral Medications/Drugs - When it comes to neuropathy, doctors often prescribe drugs and medications to patients. These drugs and medications cannot only relieve the pain and symptoms of neuropathy but could totally restore your nerves and allow them to function better as if they have never been damaged.

External medications - Aside from oral medications, some external medications are also available to treat neuropathy. These treatments come in the form of patches, ointments and creams that you can apply to the affected area to relieve it from pain.

Home remedies - There are also home remedies or natural neuropathy treatments which do not require you to take oral medications and apply patches to your body. Home remedies include herbs like St. John’s wort, drinking lots of water, and a diet of fruits and vegetables as well as foods rich in antioxidants.

Therapies and alternative treatments - These are other ways to treat neuropathy. This includes acupuncture, a procedure that aims to target pressure points and stimulate nerve endings. Massage can also be one way to treat neuropathy since it relaxes your nerves as well as improve blood circulation.

You can choose which among these neuropathy treatments you are comfortable with. But it is best to consult your doctor first before trying out any treatment. The most important thing is that you should take steps towards chasing neuropathy out of your life.

Neuropathy Treatments – Natural Ways to Treat Neuropathy

There are several medications and drugs that are prescribed by doctors for the treatment of neuropathy. However, there are also natural neuropathy treatments you can apply so that you can get rid of this condition without the use of medications.

  • Healthy Diet. Your diet can contribute a lot to the treatment and prevention of certain diseases like neuropathy. This is why; a natural way to treat this condition is to have a healthy diet. You can include in your diet foods that are rich in antioxidants because they can help reduce inflammation and pain.
A healthy diet can also help your body eliminate toxins that may contribute to nerve damage. Make sure that fruits and vegetables, milk, and high-protein foods are included in your diet.

  • Regular exercise. Exercising is also among the natural neuropathy treatments. This is because it helps increase blood circulation so that all parts of your body, especially your lower extremities can have its ample supply of. This would help restore the condition of your nerves, eliminate annoying symptoms and get rid of neuropathy.
Just as exercise can strengthen your bones and your muscles, it can also help your nerves heal. You do not need to perform complicated exercise routines. Walking, biking, swimming and other simple exercises will do.

  • Lifestyle change. If you want to treat your neuropathy through natural neuropathy treatments, one great way is to be willing to make lifestyle changes. Having an unhealthy lifestyle can increase your risk to neuropathy because among the causes of this condition are liver diseases which can be triggered by too much alcohol consumption, smoking which can cause cancer, and a lot of other causes related to unhealthy lifestyle.
These things can greatly damage your nerves and contribute to its malfunction. You can treat neuropathy even without medications as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Soothing therapies. There are also other therapies that can greatly improve the condition of your nerves and completely get rid of neuropathy. These therapies can be massage therapies by which you can do on your own.
You do not need to visit spas just to get a massage. You can simply massage the affected area just enough to stimulate the nerves and increase blood circulation. This could take the stress out of that certain area, thereby paving the way to treating neuropathy.

Neuropathy may be a condition that deserves attention but it certainly can be treated. And with natural treatments available, you do not need to spend a lot for neuropathy treatments anymore.